My Little Miracle 1.2

Joshua turned one nearly a month ago and it got me thinking about his birth. When my son was born I showed him off to my social media as my little miracle. Only those close to me know why.

Thursday 16th Feb, a week before he was due to be born, I had told Adrian I had felt slight light cramps but nothing extreme. It was basically less than period pains (not that any guy reading this will know what that feels like.) So he decided he would come after work the following day and stay with me. Back then we weren’t a couple; we were friends co-parenting my bump and preparing to co-parent Joshy.

I woke up Saturday morning and was excited for the day as my cousins were coming over to paint my bump. I was feeling really good so Adrian decided to go home but said he would be back the next day with a bag to stay over for a while as my due date was approaching.

Snapchat-1644382412Then, night came. My bump was painted, we were stuffed from eating pizza and I was just watching a novela with my mum and my cousin sitting on my mum’s brand new couch, when Joshy decided to stretch as he would usually do whilst poking his bum out; making me look like a square, then – MY WATER BROKE!

The image of me joking around with my cousins  earlier saying “imagine my water broke and I turned up at the hospital like this” immediately came to my head. All I remember was feeling a pop which felt weird and hurt like a split second. Luckily, no liquids were spilled on my mum’s new couch but as I ran to the toilet it just all dripped down. I then rang Adrian.

Now, me and Adrian had only spoken on the phone once before; when I told him I was pregnant. It’s just because we preferred messaging each other and occasionally voice noting. So you can imagine how he felt when he saw his phone ringing and it was me. He sounded so calm but apparently as soon as we hang up he sat down in a little state of shock.

My water broke at 11.30pm and my contractions did not start until 12.10am. So in between that time I managed to shower, get ready, make 3 phone calls and wait for Adrian who arrived luckily at 12.15am. My first contraction was really soft I thought to myself “oh ok wow this is easy not bad at all” but, by 12.30am we were in my cousins car, I was breathing hard and squeezing my pillow! That 15 minute car ride was SO uncomfortable. I didn’t know how to sit; I kept wiggling around. I felt so relieved to get out of the car because walking was the best option for me.

We finally are inside the hospital and we have to wait! I was pacing up and down the small reception area trying to breath and then I threw up. Yep! All that yummy pizza I had earlier, gone! I guess that’s just how I react to pain and the nerves didn’t help. Adrian however was just amazing. He would run to get water for me, run to get that little cardboard bowl the hospitals provide to throw up in. He would rub my back without me having to ask. Every time I think back to this day I actually fall in love with him more!

Now I was getting a bit annoyed at the wait, it had been 30 minutes and still nothing. Until FINALLY ! I was seen by the midwives who told me to take a urine sample. But then, they also asked me to wait! Now it was 1.40am, I was waiting in severe pain and I could feel Joshua’s head lowering and lowering with every contraction, so Adrian went in there and said “Can someone please see her she says she feels the head!” – 1 minute later I was taken into a room.

When they took me into the room, I was told to lay down so they could attach the machine to monitor Joshua’s heart. Laying down for me was excruciating. I remember Adrian saying “Hold onto me, bite my jumper if it helps, I’m here” and yes I did!

Joshua’s heart beat did not sound the same. I turned to Adrian and then asked the midwife “why does it sound so low?!” I panicked. I knew something was wrong! The midwife just ignored me and went to measure how dilated I was; I was 2cm. (So much for feeling the head!)

She then left the room, and arrived back in 10 minutes. I was measured again and I was 4cm dilated. Joshua’s heartbeat was still so faint. I asked again why; she just wouldn’t answer. Another midwife came in with the pain relief (gas and air), I literally sucked on that like 3 times when all of a sudden doctors came running in! I then hear “we have to take her now!”

Off I was!


Eri xoxo

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